Lemon Laws In San Diego California: Not Just For Autos

Lemon Laws In California: Not Just For Autos

Most people relate lemon laws to consumer vehicles, but that’s not always the case. In San Diego, motor homes and towable recreational vehicles (TRVs) are covered under San Diego lemon law

To meet coverage under the lemon law, it’s essential that your motor home or TRV meets certain conditions and has a substantial manufacturing defect or generates a severe safety hazard. Remember, a manufacturer’s written warranty must cover that defect. 

Report The Defects

The owner should report any defect to the dealer or manufacturer within the warranty term by providing the manufacturer with written notice of the deficiency and at least one opportunity to fix the fault. 

For your protection, it’s always a good idea to send the message via certified mail. This will add proof that you did send a notice. 

As the owner, you have the right to give the dealer or manufacturer a fair number of attempts to make necessary repairs.

Vehicle Complaints

With vehicles, lemon law complaints about motorhomes and TRVs must be filed within six months following the earliest of the expiration of the express warranty term, 24 months after purchase, or 24,000 miles succeeding the date of motorhome – TRVs are excluded.

 It was important to note that the filing period is established according to which event occurs first. It is highly recommended that you file as soon as you discover that the deal/manufacturer has difficulties concerning repairs.

A Lemon Vehicle During The Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have opted to be a little more creative with their travels and buy TRVs to avoid crowds, planes, and hotels. It’s a convenient and economical way to travel. But don’t get fooled with the attraction of a great deal that will cause you to end up with a lemon. 

It’s always imperative that you research when making a significant purchase and have authorized professionals of your motorhome or TRV to perform warranty repairs. But if you have determined that you have purchased a lemon and you are scheduled to appear before an independent administrative hearing examiner, seek aid from a San Diego lemon lawyer so that you are well prepared. 

The final determination is submitted by the San Diego Department of Motor Vehicles. You have the option to file an appeal if you disagree with the final decision. Further, if you remain unsatisfied with the decision, you and your lemon lawyer can appeal the decision to higher courts.


If you feel that you have purchased a highly defective motor home or TRV that may be a threat to your safety, contact our team at Allen Stewart & Associates. We are committed to serving those who have become victims of the motorhome and RV dealerships who knowingly sold products that have not met state requirements regarding product quality and safety.

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