Who Does the San Diego Lemon Law Cover?

Lemon Law California

The people of San Diego who buy the lemon automobiles are not fully without an option or at a disadvantage. Both the federal (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) and state (San Diego Lemon Law) protect the customers who have been wronged for the faulty vehicles.

The San Diego lemon law precisely covers buyers and renters of motor vehicles. The condition is that the customer should have bought the vehicle from a wholesaler at San Diego so that they can easily claim for the warranty. The law is applicable to those who have received ownership of the automobile in the warranty period. If the vehicle is bought from another state and if the consumer moves to San Diego and faces defects in the car then the state is not responsible. The claim can be pursued through the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The Act being a federal law provides protection to all the Americans irrespective of wherever they bought the vehicle in the United States.

The San Diego lemon law defends customers who unintentionally purchase faulty cars, two rider vehicles, trucks, vans, all-terrain automobiles, motorcycles, and electric automobiles. The law does not cover secondhand automobiles, reclaimed vehicles,  ships or farming kit.

San Diego customers who buy cars in the state are protected by the lemon law. This law protects individuals who unintentionally purchase already defective and/or malfunctioning cars. This law thus has its own requirements, the major one stating that a car must meet a certain milestone before the law can be applicable. If you are looking for information on Lemon Law for San Diego, you have come to the right place. 


For San Diego, the automobile has to pass through one of the three tests to be called a lemon, which are the hazard test, four times test, or the 30 days test. The vehicle has to pass through the four times test. If the customer takes the vehicle to a manufacturer for reparation two times in a row for the same defect during the first year or alternatively after 12000 miles it is covered, any can be chosen. And two other times more following the same pattern. If the vehicle is still not fixed, then it doesn’t qualify for a lemon.

The San Diego customers shouldn’t delay the process of lemon law claim. They should file their complaint during the first six months of the automobile’s guarantee before it expires or alternatively after driving for 24,000.

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