Legal claims for problems with your lemon vehicle is not only headache-inducing, but it also is a painstakingly slow process. As such, some lemon owners might have delayed their pursuit of claims for compensation for too long. The main reason is that they think they’re no longer eligible candidates for availing the Lemon Law benefits.

Although a delayed claim processing might affect your chances for approval, it does not immediately guarantee a rejected claim. Additionally, there are other statutes of limitations to consider in the entirety of the Lemon Law, especially in the state of California.

The Absolute Four-Year Deadline of Lemon Law Claim Filing

The set limitation exists for a reason—to protect car manufacturers from opportunistic customers who want to drain money from their pockets. As such, the four-year deadline prevents you from delaying your claim filing too long since purchasing your car. The worst part about this is that your claim is no longer eligible for processing, even if your concerns are valid.

It is important to note, however, that the California Lemon Law does not include any outlines that explicitly state the time required for consumers to file a claim. Because of this loophole, car manufacturers reasoned that the former three-year window is only relevant to legal matters.

Everything became apparent with the lawsuit of Mr. Krieger against Nick Alexander Imports. The court argued that since Lemon Law Claims are breaches of warranty, the rules and regulations stated in the California Commercial Code Section 2725(a) become applicable to the scenario. As such, the results of this court proceedings allow all Lemon Law claims in California a maximum of four years before filing claims become inadmissible.

Lemon Law Claims Directly Filed to Manufacturers Do Not Offer the Same Benefits

The statute of limitations of the Lemon Law in California explicitly dictates the time needed to file a lawsuit. Remember that forwarding your complaints directly to the manufacturer is not equivalent to a Lemon Law claim in the eyes of the law.

When your four-year window frame deadline is close, it is best to consult the best Lemon Law attorney in San Diego to ensure your consumer rights are protected. Your Lemon Law attorney would advise you not to contact the car manufacturer. Instead, they would suggest you immediately file a report to government agencies for a claim.

Delaying Your Lemon Law Claim Filing Reduces Your Chances of a Buyback

Four years is a substantial time to determine if your lemon is defective. However, the moment you experience difficulty as early as a month, you should immediately file for a claim. Otherwise, the gravity of the problem could intensify with time. The moment your car manufacturer receives the notice, your car might already be beyond their repair. 

Most car owners do not know the extent of the lemon law. That explains the delays in its filing. Remember that for any vehicle to be eligible for a buyback, the lemon defect must render the vehicle unable to use safely. It might be hard and time-consuming to prove this claim, but a lesser car mileage will help turn the case in your favor.

Are you looking for the best lemon law attorney in California? Reach out to us today to see how we can expedite your Lemon Law buyback process.