What Is The Value Of My Lemon Law Case In San Diego?

What Is The Value Of My Lemon Law Case In San Diego?

You’re undoubtedly becoming upset after being without a car while yours is being repaired. Lemon cars are a major nuisance for unsuspecting customers. Our attorneys understand how stressful this process can be for you, and they want to help you get through it as smoothly as possible. The first question on your mind is undoubtedly how much your Lemon Law case is worth. 

California Lemon Law provides a number of different forms of remedies. The following are the most important treatments: 

  • Accidental Damages Vehicle Buy-Back Vehicle Replacement 
  • Penalties for civil offences 
  • Fees for Attorneys 

The total value of this might be fairly significant for you to reclaim. The goal of these remedies is to safeguard consumers from vehicle manufacturers’ unethical actions. They are intended to put you back in the position you were in before the defective vehicle acted up, as well as to deter automobile manufacturers from marketing Lemons and playing games with customers who have purchased one. 

Purchase, Replacement, And Incidental Damages Of Vehicles 

Buy-Back and Replacement are the fundamentals of Lemon Law. This is where we begin when you inquire how much your Lemon Law case is worth. The term “vehicle buy-back” refers to the manufacturer paying you the amount you paid for the down payment as well as any monthly payments you made. 

The term “vehicle replacement” refers to when the manufacturer replaces your vehicle with one that is practically identical to the old one. The replacement vehicle must be covered by the same warranties as to any other new vehicle. 

But, you might argue, what about all the money I’ve squandered dealing with this Lemon!? Don’t be concerned. Your Lemon is worth more than simply the Buy-Back and Replacement options. Another important aspect of Lemon Law is incidental damages. Incidental Damages reimburse you for a variety of things, including: 

  • Costs of repair 
  • The cost of towing 
  • The cost of a rental car 

You can also receive reimbursement for official fees and taxes paid in relation to the purchase of the Lemon. 

Keep in mind that your Buy-Back amount is lowered by your use of the vehicle prior to the occurrence of faults. If you choose Replacement, you may have to reimburse the manufacturer for the time you spent driving the old car before the difficulties. 

Attorney’s Fees And Civil Penalties 

The attorney’s fees provision is another important part of the California Lemon Law. If a buyer of a Lemon wins, this provision permits them to require the manufacturer to pay for their lawyer! This safeguards customers like you who might otherwise be unable to pay to file Lemon Law claims. 

Civil penalties might increase the value of your Lemon. Courts can impose the Civil Penalty if we can prove the manufacturer was “willfully” breaking the Lemon Law, which they sometimes do when they play games with innocent purchasers. The penalty in a lawsuit can be up to two times the actual damages. 

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