What Is The California Lemon Law?

What Is The California Lemon Law?

The California Lemon Law requires that manufacturers meet minimum standards on warranty repairs for certain items. This includes vehicles, appliances, electronics, etc. However, this is only the minimum standard – some states have higher standards than this for what they consider to be a defective product. 

Under the California Lemon Law, only new vehicles are covered by this law. Used cars are not covered under the California Lemon Law. This means that if you bought a used car and it has many problems, you can’t return it or get your money back based on the lemon law rules under C.A. state law (or any other states’ laws). Instead, you may find out that you’re stuck with whatever defects it has unless you paid very little for it.

If you’re thinking about buying a car, we will always recommend buying new (and certified pre-owned – which is like buying new, except that the warranty lasts only two years), not used. The reason for this is that if you buy used and run into problems with it later on, then you can’t return it unless the person selling it to you agrees to take it back. Any reputable dealership or private party selling a car wants their customers happy with their purchase and wants every effort made so that the sale is a good fit for both parties. Even though there are no lemon laws covering used cars, a manufacturer may still try just as hard to fix your car even if it’s been “used” by someone else. This is because the end goal of the manufacturer is to maintain customer satisfaction and prevent unhappy customers from making bad reports about their products, which in turn would damage future sales.

New Vehicle Coverage

If you own a lemon, we hope that this article helps you with what steps to take next in order to get it fixed, even if it isn’t under warranty anymore!

The California Lemon Law covers new vehicles only. If you bought a used car and want to return it due to defects, you most likely won’t be able to do so unless the seller agrees (which is very unlikely) or unless your state has its own separate law covering used cars.

Most reputable dealerships or private sellers want every effort made so that their customers are happy with their purchases. Even though lemon laws don’t cover used cars, manufacturers may still try just as hard to fix your car even if it’s been “used” by someone else – because, after all, they want customer satisfaction in order to maintain good public relations for future business purposes.

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