What Documents Do I Need for a San Diego Lemon Law Claim?

San Diego Lemon Law Lawyers

If you have taken the decision of Lemon Law Claim San Diego, then you are already on the correct path to receive compensation for your lemon vehicle. These Lemon law attorneys have vast experience and knowledge regarding lemon law in San Diego. They know exactly how to go through the legal process for your claim. However they will still require your support and help to speed up the process and conclude the process with success. The most efficient way to resolve the matter and to help your attorney is by providing with all the necessary documentation they will need to work on your claim whenever they request it from you

To be precise, your attorney will require two document sets from you: the purchase documents of the original vehicle and the documents you have from the repair orders from the dealership. The repair order must clearly specify what repairs were done, what the major problems were and how much the cost of these were. These are important documents and must be provided in order to create a timeline of all the events that include the purchase of the vehicle, the timeline of all the problems you experienced. This should indicate that you followed all the attempts to fix it according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and was not able to get your car running in a proper way. These are important points and must be remembered, without them you won’t be able to make a proper claim. 

Customers who contact the office of Scott Law Group P.C will experience great customer care. They will get to speak with a paralegal, who will understand their problem and ask questions regarding the vehicle and the associated problems. Most questions are very basic, such as the manufacturing year, the model of the vehicle, whether it was purchased brand new or used and where they purchased the vehicle from. They will also ask customers what the major problems were that they faced with the vehicle and how frequently it was taken to the dealership for repair purposes. This will allow them to develop a timeline for your case, determine the legal requirement and the paralegal will forward the information to a lemon law attorney

The lemon law attorney will reach out to the client and request various types of documents to prepare a claim. One of the first documents a client should be able to provide are the purchase documents. These identify the proof of car registration and the purchase contract. The legal system works on facts, and providing these documents in a timely manner builds a solid foundation for your claim. Another important point to note is that each state has a different lemon law that states a car must undergo a specific number of repairs to be categorized as lemon and its compensation. It is important to discuss this briefly and provide all the documentation of repairs as soon as possible. 

If you require assistance with lemon law and want to work on Lemon Law Claim San Diego, contact Scott Law Group P.C now to get the compensation you deserve. Call us now at (619) 345-5599 to have the legal process started.