Using Lemon Law to Replace Your Car

Using Lemon Law to Replace Your Car

Purchasing a brand new vehicle is an exciting time of life. Purchase of the car is a major expense and achievement. It can be thrilling as well as nerve-racking. Imagine you enjoying your brand new car, and within a few days or weeks, something goes wrong. 

Maybe the car won’t start anymore, or it might stop in the middle of the road. Perhaps now you notice an unpleasant smell that you didn’t notice when it was at the dealership. The vehicle might be rattling uncontrollably. 

Or even worse of all outcomes, the failure of your vehicle’s brake systems. Something in the engine might catch fire. In all these cases, it just means that your vehicle is a lemon!

This is a nightmare that thousands of Americans face each year. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly 150,000 Americans are unfortunate and purchase defective vehicles each year. 

These vehicles are built by Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors, and similar manufacturers. They may be unfixable and have chronic defaults. The defects may arise from human error, faulty material during the manufacturing process, or substandard material.

It is what makes the vehicle a “lemon.”

Lemon vehicles hit hard on the wallet of their buyers. It costs Americans millions of dollars in its repair costs, lost wages, and other such expenses each year. Some Americans deal with these costs and accept the sad reality, but they don’t have to. 

The lemon law at the federal and state level is formulated to empower consumers to pursue their rightful claims against their manufacturers. Our Scott Law Group P.C. will help you make your claim and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Replacement of the vehicle is one option that consumers whose lemon law claim is in their favor can avail. Victorious consumers that choose the option of a replacement will receive a brand new vehicle from their manufacturer. 

Hopefully, the new vehicle will cover the defects of the previous vehicle. The same service contract will be provided as it was given with the original vehicle. It will also include the same factory dealer options. 

The manufacturer shall also reimburse the lemon vehicle owner with all collateral and incidental charges associated with the defective vehicle. These include taxes, finance charges, registration charges, and more!

Consumers must keep in mind that their whole claim can be entirely tossed out if they are missing certain rules. It is essential, when dealing with law, to follow every set of regulations. The judge might prevent you from presenting your case again. So it is a meticulous procedure that one must follow. 

Our attorney Scott Law Group P.C., will help you through this process. Call us at (619) 345-5599 to get the compensation you deserve. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get you back on the road and get your money back. So reach out to us as soon as you can!