Conditions For A Car To Be Classified As A Lemon In California

Car to be Classified as a Lemon San Diego

California lemon law, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, covers protection for the consumers who have a written express warranty for their newly bought vehicle or lease. If a car does not function as promised at the time of buying,  California law allows the purchaser or lessee to have rights given by state and federal law. A lemon vehicle is a defective one. For questions related to California Lemon Law Group, you can consult us at Scott Law Group P.C.

In California, the requirements or conditions refer to the following:


Implied merchantability warranty refers to the fact that the goods bought should be working as per the expectations and reviews. In the case of a car, you should drive safely anywhere. If the purchased car doesn’t start and stop when you want, then the dealer or auto car manufacturer has violated the warranty—implied fitness warranty. When a manufacturer sells a good, he knows the product and ensures that it is fit.

Number of repairs

The least number of repairs for a vehicle to be considered a lemon is four in California. It would help if you got the repairs done by official procedure and must denote similar problems. The lemon law does not apply if the flaw was instigated by inappropriate use after buying the car. You should keep all the thorough records of each reparation completed on your vehicle.

Number of days

The vehicle shouldn’t be working for 30 days in California to be declared a lemon. Always keep records for proof. The federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act can help you out where the Lemon law fails. The Act protects you for four years after you have bought the automobile, whereas the

state laws expire or perish within the first 18 months after you buy the vehicle or have traveled 18000 miles in it. The federal law surpasses the state law.

Do I have a say in choosing a replacement for my lemon buy under the California lemon law?

You are free to decide if you want to accept a replacement or want repayment for your lemon purchase. The manufacturer bears the expenses of the following:

  1. Sales or use tax
  2.   Registration fee, license, and miscellaneous fe
  3. Incidental indemnities that you have experienced like finance custody, reparation, hauling, and rental car charges

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