The Lemon Law Process in San Diego

Automobile Lemon Law San Diego

The Lemon law San Diego states that if your car or any other consumer good is unable to meet the manufacturer’s warranty after a specific number of repairs, then you are eligible for refund for all your expenses or should be offered a replacement car or any other consumer good. If your car is not categorized as lemon, you may be eligible to receive other forms of compensation, mostly cash under the lemon law due to the diminished value of your car or any other consumer good. 

In San Diego, this law applies to any new or used, leased automobiles or newly purchased automobiles that are sold under a written agreement for warranty. 

Check the following remedies that may apply to you if you are eligible for lemon law protection: 


  • If you are paying through monthly and a down payment 
  • Paid for collateral charges such as sales tax, finance, and other registration and service contracts 
  • Rental or vehicle towing expense, that are included in incidental expenses included to the lemon
  • Paying loan balance


Please also note that if you are not the original owner of the car/automobile and have purchased it from someone else, the refund you get will be based on your purchase price and not the original owner price.


Car Replacement

If your car falls in “lemon”, you will get a replacement car, this replacement vehicle whether it was purchased or leased should have the following:

  • Be fairly identical to the previous car you had at the time you purchased or leased it. 
  • Should include the same servicing contract, only if it is applicable.
  • All add on options such as undercoating, rustproofing or any other dealer services that with the original car 
  • Incidental and other consequential costs that come with lemon will be reimbursed by the company. 


Any sales tax, registration fees or other license fees associated with the replacement car is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The balance you owe the company for financing the car or the lease of the car will remain the same with the replacement car. It is important to contact your lender before you go through this process to understand how they will handle your existing loan or if they will devise a new one with different terms and rules. Please also note that you will be responsible for any differences in the price of the old and the replacement car. 

If the problems with your old car do not qualify to be considered of “lemon” level,” you may be eligible to receive cash compensation for the diminished value. This value is calculated according to the diminished value of the vehicle over time because of its problems. If the car is under warranty, sometimes you’ll be offered to keep your vehicle and receive money according to the problems you experienced with the car.

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