The Lemon Law for Your Problem Vehicle in San Diego

Lemon Law Claim San DiegoPeople buy cars with apprehension because there are so many risks involved in purchasing a new vehicle, especially a second-hand car. If you find that your vehicle is lemon, whether it is new or used, then the California lemon laws will help you safeguard your rights. Thousands of vehicles or automobiles sold every year in San Diego, CA, are lemons or automobiles with repetitive problems. If you think you live in San Diego and own a lemon vehicle, contact Scott Law Group P.C. here or call at (619) 345-5599. So, for knowing about Lemon Law Firm San Diego residents can contact us.

San Diego clients are protected by the San Diego lemon law, which applies to automobiles with two or more wheels designed to transport the people or things on public highways or roads. The rule applies to novel vehicles like trucks, cars, motorbikes, vans, motor homes, electric vehicles, or vehicles. The San Diego Lemon Law does not include second-hand or re-claimed vehicles, boats, farming equipment, or non-travel trailers. 

A probable new client contacts us at Scott Law Group P.C. and talks to our team of experts about their case. Our legal team will ask questions related to the vehicle like the make, the model, the car’s year, and what potential problems the client faces with the car. Also, questions like when the car was bought, in which year was it believed in, the number of times the vehicle has been repaired and remodeled, and where the client currently resides with the car will be asked. 

The moment our team knows that the potential and probable new client is open to the car’s warranty, then we will connect the client with a lemon law attorney. The lawyer will talk about the relevant details and the claim, ask for the pertinent documents like the car’s papers, its contract, if any, the registration proof, and all the related records of the car repair. The lawyer will talk to the client about the possible outcomes and scenarios. If they both agree to the terms, the lawyer will start pursuing the client’s claim under the terms and conditions of a written contract given by us. The attorney will connect with the defendant, i.e., the offender, usually the lemon vehicle manufacturer. The lawyer will notify the offender of the lemon law claim and begin the process of supporting and advocating for the client and trying his best to solve the matter without the court’s intervention.

Regardless of how long the cases take and how hard they can solve, Scott Law Group P.C. will do their best to fight your claim, and Lemon Law Firm San Diego residents, require and will settle the matter for you. Contact us today on (619) 345-5599 for any queries.