The California Lemon Law Basics – The California Lemon Law Does Not Cover Used Vehicles

Used Vehicle Lemon Lawyer San Diego

The California Lemon Law, along with the federal Lemon Law, offers compensation to California customers for the faulty vehicles, trucks, and products with motorcycles, R.V.s, boats, computers, and additional customer applications and products. To be eligible under the California Lemon Law or the federal Lemon Law, you need to usually have an effect or automobile that has gone through numerous reparation attempts that comes under the producer’s or dealer’s factory’s warranty. For knowing How to Claim Lemon Law San Diego, you can contact Scott Law Group P.C. of San Diego. Lemon Law recompense can comprise of a repayment, replacement, or a cash return.

California Lemon Law Summary

The California lemon law tends to cover the next new motor vehicles:

  • Passenger cars

  • Motor vehicles with a mass of below 8,000 pounds that are intended for carrying more than ten persons or for hauling or carrying cargo and gears of agriculture

  • An automobile bought or rented by a fire department or fire protection region; and quantified recreational automobiles

The California lemon law does not protect the used vehicles.

Warranty Period

  • The California Lemon law is applicable on any written express warranty on the automobile for one year or 12,000 miles driven, either of which is short

  • The Lemon Law does not apply if the contract has expired

  • The producer or broker should overhaul an automobile in agreement with the contract if the warranty protects the fault or problem and the proprietor reports it within the contract period or 12 months after delivery of the automobile, whatever comes first

  • The producer or broker must make repairs if the problem is reported within the warranty period, also when the warranty subsequently runs out


A belief that a rational number of tries have been undertaken to conform a new vehicle to its express guarantees shall arise were within the constitutional warranty period:

  • The same unconventionality has been subject to reparation by the seller, its agents, or official brokers through the constitutional warranty period, four or more times, and such unconventionality lasts to exist

  • The automobile has been out of the facility by motive of repair of unconventionality for a total of 30 or more business days throughout the constitutional warranty period

If, after a reasonable number of tries, the seller is not able to confirm the new vehicle to any of its valid express warranties, the manufacturer shall

  • Either deliver the customer with a novel automobile of like a model line or otherwise a similar motor vehicle as a replacement

  • Accept the return of the car from the customer and repay the customer the full acquisition value or tenancy cost of the new vehicle

 The repayment price should include

  • All security charges, a rational payment for the use of the vehicle

  • The security charges do not comprise taxes paid by the buyer on the original acquisition of the new vehicle

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