Tesla Faces California Lemon Law Claims

Tesla Faces California Lemon Law Claims

Tesla and inventor Elon Musk have been known for trying to bring high tech electric automobiles to the public. However, as the new Model 3 runs into manufacturing challenges, multiple lemon law cases have been filed in California Superior Court, stating that various automobiles built by Tesla have suffered major faults. 

At least five claims were filed by separate lemon law attorneys in the past month in San Diego County, implying that there has yet to be any prospective consolidation. In reality, it is unclear how many other cases may be ongoing against the automobile maker because of the absence of internet access to court documents. 

However, the company’s problems in bringing the Model 3 to market gives some clarity on how some of the faults could have occurred. 

Musk, in his Fremont manufacturing facility, sought to design an assembly line out of whole cloth. After difficulties that necessitated parts of the operations to be conducted by hand, frequent disruptions led to certain employees complaining of quality control issues in several press stories. 

It’s unclear whether the lemon law attorneys who filed the cases were focused on the Models S, X or 3, though. 

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