Some Common Misconceptions About the Lemon Law

Lemon Law San Diego

Most of the people who purchase Lemon Law vehicles know about the laws, but they don’t know  the importance of it. There are a lot of misconceptions and fallacies regarding the Lemon Laws and clients and consumers need to actually have the correct knowledge and information. For that they can hire a San Diego Lemon Law Attorney for their claims. 

Consumers or customers often tend to believe that the Lemon Laws cover issues related to faults and safety of the automobiles, but it has more to it. Every state has its own Lemon Law which varies from state to state instead of one federal Lemon Law. But the basic foundation is the same for all. Every state aims to protect their customers rights for new vehicles, whether they by or rent it out, from the defects or defaults related to the vehicle that occurs in the period of the warranty. Some states also provide Lemon Law protection for the used or secondhand lemon vehicles. 

Many customers are of the misconception that when they purchase the vehicle or get it on rent so they will have less time to return it back if the vehicle is lemon, but that’s not a fact. As long as the customer has the valid warranty from the manufacturer, then the Lemon Law will continue to protect the customers. You should keep the documents safe regarding the defects and faults after getting a lot of repairs in the attempt of getting the vehicle fixed. The number of attempts for repairs vary state to state.

The Lemon Law applies to the used, new, or sampled automobiles, motor homes, boats etc. Also, to the consumer goods like computers, spas, home appliances, televisions, laptops. For California or San Diego, the vehicles bought or rented out there are intended to be used on the public roads. For business or corporate purposes, the vehicles that can be used are five or less not more. Also, the vehicle should have a total weight of 10,000 pounds or less. 

Customers should not wait for a particular time to file the claim for their rights but get it done right away. There is a time of the warranty and you don’t want it to expire. There is a decree of boundaries that varies in each state, which forbids the time in which a lawsuit may be filed. Even after several attempts of repairs, the vehicle doesn’t get fixed then check if it’s lemon or not call us at (619) 345-5599 so that our experts of Lemon Law can review your case for free. Our San Diego Lemon Law Attorney at Scott Law Group P.C. have years of experience and good records of winning cases and claims.