San Diego Lemon Law: Is lemon law only for vehicles?

San Diego Lemon Law Is lemon law only for vehicles.

Purchasing a vehicle always seems like a great achievement and turns your day good. Especially if it is off the lot. However, an unfortunate fact is that approximately 150,000 such vehicles are considered lemons – vehicles that have life-threatening faults and errors which can not be fixed regardless of endless effort. 

Vehicles owners can get protection from any financial loss occurring due to this through San Diego Lemon Law

San Diego Lemon Law is a state law that helps vehicle owners that struggle to fix their vehicles even under the original warranty which is issued to them by the manufacturers. The law aims to help vehicle buyers. 

With the help of San Diego Lemon Law, a vehicle buyer can replace, repair and repurchase the vehicle without lengthy visits to court. One may think if Lemon Law can be used in purchasing other products that are dangerous or have issues. 

However, this law is not extended to other manufactured products. There are other laws for that cause that are dependent on the level of danger the product may bring to the consumer.

Officials in San Diego will assist car owners who get into regular issues, in getting the rightful coverage that is mentioned under their manufacturer’s originally given warranty. 

The San Diego Lemon Law covers almost all vehicles that travel on road and are in the use of the general public. This includes cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and even the motor homes which are bought from a dealer. 

Lemon law, however, does not give coverage to farm equipment, repossessed vehicles, and boats. Minor issues like rattles and radio static are not given coverage too because they do not affect the market value of the vehicle. 

An important point to note is that vehicles also get coverage under state laws if they are still covered under the manufacturer’s original warranty. If the issue was reported at the time when the warranty was continued, then the vehicle will also be covered under Lemon Law

Criteria to meet the Lemon Law

It is a reality very frustrating to deal with a vehicle that does not run efficiently. You must meet certain criteria to qualify for assistance in resolving your problem through Lemon Law.

The vehicle will be covered if it has a manufacturing defect, which is also written under the manufacturer’s warranty. The issue must be reported to the dealer in time by your term of the warranty. 

The owner must tell all attempts to resolve the certain issue before and give a written notice of the issue arising. It is preferred to send the written notice through the mail. If the defect persists, then the issue falls under the criteria of Lemon Law.

People usually ask what are the “reasonable” number of attempts to fix the issue by the dealer. This is identified by certain tests that tell us a reasonable number of tries to assist the owner of the vehicle.