California Lemon Laws 

California Lemon Laws

When you buy an automobile, you want it to last a long time. Unfortunately, not every automobile is built to the highest standards, and many disgruntled motorists have experienced automotive troubles after making a purchase they believed was a decent one. Fortunately, if you buy in California, the law is on your side. California’s lemon laws are designed to protect you against a faulty car purchase by requiring the dealer to buy back your vehicle under specific conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act of 1970 and your rights under it! 

What Vehicles Are Covered By California’s Lemon Law? 

To qualify under lemon laws in California, your vehicle must have been acquired in the state and be still covered by the seller’s guarantee. This rule applies to all new automobiles, as well as any used cars that have obtained a guarantee from the dealer or the manufacturer. Keep in mind, however, that only cars purchased in California are eligible for protection. You would be out of luck if you went out of state to buy. Next, the dealer must have made several good-faith attempts to correct your car’s issues and repair it. A jury will determine the exact number of repair attempts required to qualify as a lemon, although two attempts to correct the same fault is the absolute minimum. You can call a lawyer to arrange a repurchase of your vehicle after you’ve attempted at least two repairs. 

What Is The Process Of Filing A Lemon Law Suit?

 First, your lawyer will contact the vendor of your vehicle and inform them that you plan to pursue a lemon law repurchase. 

In many circumstances, the dealer will work with you and make you a cash offer for the worth of your vehicle, less any wear and tear. If you agree, you’ll be required to sign documents formally handing the vehicle back to the dealer in accordance with the law’s requirements. You can have a jury decide whether the offer isn’t acceptable. However, be aware that a jury may not notice your car’s issues the same way you do. In general, it’s a good idea to follow your lawyer’s advice regarding the best course of action. 

What Do You Need To File A California Lemon Law Claim? 

You’ll want to keep any records of any car repairs you’ve had done. You have a strong chance of winning your case if you can prove a history of automotive difficulties that have caused you excessive stress. Keep any documents you received from the dealer when you purchased your automobile, as it can aid in determining the worth of your vehicle and how much you may be entitled to in a settlement. Lemon rules in California are in effect for the duration of a vehicle’s warranty and are intended to protect consumers. 

If you’re having trouble with a new automobile because of mechanical issues, submitting a claim can help you move on from a bad purchase and receive a dependable vehicle that will serve you well. Contact Scott Law Group P.C. right away!


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