Rear Wheel Driveshaft Assemblies May Fail In Certain GM SUVs In San Diego

Rear Wheels Driveshaft Assemblies Issue GM San Diego

The rear-wheel driveshaft assembly on some Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC SUV trucks from 2021 could fail, increasing the risk of a collision. Owners will be contacted by G.M. and asked to return to their local dealership for repairs.

G.M.’s supplier of rear-wheel driveshaft assemblies alerted them in October 2021 that some parts sent to the Arlington, Texas facility may have been made incorrectly. The suspicious components could deform with time, resulting in drive shaft seizures, according to G.M.’s study.

The rear-wheel driveshaft components may have been built using recirculating balls that were not properly heat treated, according to the defect report. Over time, the recirculating balls may distort, causing noise and vibration. If the vehicle is pushed further, the afflicted joint in the drive shaft assembly may seize, resulting in the vehicle losing propulsion.

On June 4, 2021, the supplier’s equipment problem was fixed, and components produced after that date were properly heat treated. After October 4, 2021, vehicles were installed with drive shaft assemblies that contained components made outside of the suspicious timeframe.

The left and/or right rear driveshaft assemblies will need to be changed, and owners will be required to return to their dealers. N212351030, N212351031, and N212351032 are the G.M. recall numbers. 22V-036 is the NHTSA campaign number. Interim notices to customers are expected to be handed out on March 14, 2022.

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