Oil Consumption Problems And Lemons In San Diego

Oil Consumption Problems And Lemons In San Diego

Is your new automobile a gas guzzler? Lemons and oil consumption issues go hand in hand. Oil consumption difficulties in a new car are just not normal or acceptable. 

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What Is A Problem With Oil Consumption? 

Oil consumption issues are common in older cars with over 10000 miles and parts that are leaking or worn out. New cars with cutting-edge technology are engineered to be extremely fuel-efficient. This makes a brand-new car consuming a lot of oil seem out of the ordinary. 

You’ve got an issue if your check engine light or oil pressure keeps telling you to top it off. An oil consumption problem, in our experience, is a red flag that your car is a lemon. 

If your car has an oil consumption problem, it is critical that you return it to the manufacturer every time the oil needs to be changed. There will be a paper trail and a record of the issues this way. This will help you establish your Lemon Law claim in the future. 

What Exactly Is A Lemon? 

California law establishes the parameters for determining what constitutes a Lemon. A Lemon, in general, is a new car that develops mechanical issues soon after purchase that the manufacturer is unable to fix. The following are some of the more specific requirements for a car to be designated a Lemon in court: 

  • The automobile manufacturer has made a reasonable number of repair attempts and has been unable to fix the car, Mechanical issues began, and repairs were attempted within 18 months or 18,000 miles of receiving the car. 
  • If we can successfully prove that your automobile is a Lemon in court or through arbitration, you may be eligible for remedies to reimburse you for your troubles. Vehicle Buy-Back or Replacement, as well as damages for things like repair and transportation fees, are among the remedies available. You can also sue the manufacturer for attorney’s fees. 

Every Lemon Law claim is unique, and you should consult with Scott Law Group P.C. to evaluate your case. We’re used to dealing with problems related to oil usage and lemons. Don’t put your claim in jeopardy by waiting any longer. 

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