Multiple 2021 Ford Motor Company Recalls: F-150 Super Cab, Explorers, Lincoln Aviator In San Diego

Multiple 2021 Ford Motor Company Recalls In San Diego

Multiple Ford Motor Company recalls have just been announced for the 2021 model year. The first recall affects the F-150 SuperCab, Explorer, and Lincoln Aviator models. These vehicles are being recalled due to an issue with the fuel pump module that could cause them not to start or stall unexpectedly. This can increase the risk of a collision if drivers need to brake while driving on the highway suddenly. The second recall affects only Explorers and is due to a problem with their airbag sensors that may fail during deployment in certain collisions, which increases injury risks for passengers involved in these crashes.

What Was The Issue That Led To The Ford Explorer And Lincoln Aviator Recall?

The Ford F-150 recall wasn’t the only Ford vehicle to be recalled recently. The Ford Explorer and the Lincoln Aviator were recalled as well. The issue that led to these recalls was related to airbags in both vehicles, which may not deploy during collisions. This could increase injury risks for passengers involved in accidents where the deployment of an airbag is necessary.

What Issue Is Causing The F-150 SuperCab And Explorers To Not Start Or Stall Unexpectedly?

The issue causing the F-150 SuperCab and Explorers not to start or stall unexpectedly is related to fuel pump modules. There are concerns that these modules may cause power failure in either starting up, increasing the risk of an accident on highways while drivers need to brake quickly.

What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Was Part Of The Recall?

Anyone with a vehicle that has been recalled should stop driving it immediately until the appropriate repairs have been made. This is to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and other vehicles around them.

Does A Recall Make My Vehicle A Lemon?

If your Ford vehicle was recalled, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lemon. A recall is when a company issues an order to fix or replace the parts, causing safety concerns. The reason for recalling vehicles varies, but it’s always better than facing potential accidents due to faulty equipment!

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