Lemon Vehicles San Diego Do Not Have to Be New

Lemon Vehicles San Diego Do Not Have to Be New

Make sure that you have all the information necessary before you proceed with Lemon Law Claim San Diego. In general, used cars in California are not entitled to protection under the lemon law. Some predicaments for this law may be applicable for used vehicles, but used cars do not qualify for lemon in general. Make sure to get in touch with Scott Law Group P.C. to learn more about this. If you are thinking of buying a car, we recommend looking into a brand new vehicle as it will prove to be more reliable and covered under the San Diego Lemon Law. There is a way out for used cars to get protected under the lemon law, but that is only applicable if the used car is sold to you by a dealer under warranty and the terms state that there are no flaws in the vehicle. That is the only way you will receive legal protection for a used car in San Diego.

Warranty Information

Most of the Lemon Law decisions are based on warranty and guarantee terms. Whether the state or federal state has to apply the law, they both require warranty information. The federal law usually covers a warranty-related case, and the state law usually does not protect that for you under the lemon law. Keep in mind the warranty issues for the new cars or automobiles. If you have hired a lawyer, he would need the details of the number of times the reparation attempt has been made to fix the faults and check how long you could not use the automobile because of the reparation.

The state Lemon Laws permit only a limited number of reparations attempts before they can claim or call your vehicle a lemon. That also applies to the number of days your car or vehicle stays with the dealership for repair. If you are without your automobile for more than a month, it is usually considered a lemon under most state laws.

Compensation in Lemon Law Cases

Usually, you are allowed to return the automobile and get the full repayment at the vehicle’s cost. Some manufacturers offer a replacement vehicle when they know that the car won’t function due to the vehicle’s faulty parts. If you are in the capital, you have an option between choosing a blue book value and the car’s current cost for compensation. It is in the client’s best interest to hire a lemon law attorney as every state has different laws, rules, and regulations. The lawyer will understand all cases because they are experienced.

If you think or just found out that your vehicle is a lemon, call us for Lemon Law Claim San Diego at (619) 345-5599 today for a free case assessment.  The Lemon Law lawyers at Scott Law Group P.C. will speak to you directly and let you know if they can carry on with your case.