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Lemon Law Process

The lemon law claims procedure can be intimidating for an average consumer, but the lawyers and staff at Scott Law Group P.C. can help you look into the process. Our lawyers have years of experience and training for resolving issues like warranty and guarantee cases to be in favor of the clients so they can relax and win. The Lemon laws differ from state to state, but the federal level Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act covers rights for all the Americans despite the state they reside in. In this blog we will discuss the Lemon Law Claim San Diego residents can get with the help of Scott Law Group P.C.

The Steps of Filing a Magnuson-Moss Claim with Scott Law Group P.C.

A probable new client contacts us at Scott Law Group P.C. and talks to our team of experts about their case. Our legal team will ask questions related to the vehicle like the make, the model, the year  of the car and what potential problems does the client face with the car. Also questions like when the car was bought, in which year was it bought in, the number of times the car has been repaired and remodeled and also where does the client currently reside with the car, will be asked. 

The moment our team knows that the potential and probable new client is open to the warranty of the car, then we will connect the client with a lemon law attorney. The lawyer will talk about the relevant details and about the claim, ask for the pertinent documents like the papers of the car, it’s contract if any, the registration proof, all the related records of the car repair. The lawyer will talk to the client about the possible outcomes and scenarios and if they both agree to the terms, they lawyer will start pursuing the claim for the client under the terms and conditions of a written contract given by us. The attorney will get connected with the defendant, i.e. the offender which is usually the lemon vehicle manufacturer. The lawyer will notify the offender of the lemon law claim and will begin the process of supporting and advocating for the client and try his best to solve the matter without the intervention of the court.

During the entire process, the lemon law attorney San Diego keeps in touch with the client, keeping him well informed about the whole settlement process. more than 90% of the cases get solved without having to involve the court or file a lawsuit. 

If the matter is not solved, then the lawyer files a complaint or lawsuit against the manufacturer and shows all the relevant proof of the lemon law violations done. The proof is collected through a rigorous process of discovery and disclosure. The case goes on to the level of trials if the matter is not resolved. 

Despite how long the cases take and how hard they are to solve, Scott Law Group P.C. will do their best to fight Lemon Law Claim San Diego residents require and will settle the matter for you. Contact us today on (619) 345-5599 for any queries.