Should You Pay For Additional Insurance When Renting A Car In San Diego?

Should You Pay For Additional Insurance When Renting A Car In San Diego?

If you’ve ever come across renting a car, you would know very well how the rental agent always asks or even “highly recommends that” you’re the one who pays for additional insurance. 

The agent usually suggests that you require the additional coverage to prevent having to pay if excess damage was to occur to the vehicle, and they’ll add, “it will only cost a few bucks per day.” And you might be thinking, “I was not planning on spending that much, but my peace of mind is the top priority.” 

Rental Agent

However, the rental agent will never tell you that your regular auto insurance or your credit card company might already cover excess damage to a rental vehicle. So why must you pay for something that you might already have?

A lot of people have had to deal with excess damage to a rental vehicle. The majority of the people are unaware that when you’re renting a car, the car is insured chiefly. So in case of an accident or damage to the vehicle, that will be taken care of without any burden.

Rent An Insured Vehicle

Your rental car agent does not require the money for accidental damage to the rental car, so it is always advised to rent an insured vehicle. It will save you a great deal of your money and give you absolute peace of mind that no matter what calamity might fall on the rental car, the car is insured and is of no burden. What great news, isn’t it? 

The car rental companies usually demand that you pay for the damage to the Jeep or any rental car, of course. Instead of having to cover the damage charges, it would be better to make a call to a lemon law registered company. 

So, the moral of today’s blog is before you agree to pay extra dollars per day for the security of your rental car, you should call the insurance company and credit card company and inquire if you are already covered for excess damage through your policy or the terms of your credit card agreement (make sure you let them know if you are traveling internationally, as your coverage might be different).

 By doing this, you will still have peace of mind, but it will not cost you anything extra.

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