Did You Purchase or Lease A Lemon in San Diego?

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Lemon Law Lawyers in San Diego – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the steps required to file a claim? 
  • What makes you eligible for a San Diego Lemon Law
  • How many visits does it require before filing a claim for Lemon Law?
  • Will the Lemon Law apply to used vehicles or vehicles leased? 
  • What are the fees associated with contacting a lemon law attorney?

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You may qualify for lemon if your car repair exceeds a specific number under warranty 

The lemon law in California states that the consumer should provide the manufacturer with a reasonable number of repair attempts to find and replace the defects. This should focus on the value and safety of the vehicle. If your vehicle portrays a problem during the early period of the purchase, your car will be qualified for lemon and you will be eligible for compensation. 

The Lemon Law in San Diego states that 4 repair opportunities are to be provided to the manufacturer to sort out and fix the issue of the car. It also states that the vehicle if brought to servicing for 30 more days within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles, then it will be presumed by the state that your car is a lemon. Even if you don’t meet these presumptions, if you had provided the manufacturer of your car with reasonable attempts to fix the issue in your car, you may as well be eligible to recover.

What does the San Diego Lemon Law apply to?

  • This law applies to all new, used cars, motorcycles, boats and even motor homes such as caravans. 
  • It also applies to other consumer goods such as home appliances, laptops, computers and spas. 
  • Cars that are solely purchased to be used on public roads. 

Our trained and knowledgeable Lemon Law attorneys San Diego will guide you towards the right path if you encounter a problem with your vehicle. We will guide you through the process and get you in the best position for a reimbursement or a new vehicle as a replacement for the defected one. 

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