Is There a Lemon Law In California For Used Cars?

Is There a Lemon Law In California For Used Cars?

What is a lemon law? If you have bought or leased a vehicle that goes through unending issues that your dealer has failed to repair, the chances are that you might have purchased a “lemon” or a defective car.

Vehicles that are still under warranty and show mechanical issues that dealers have failed to repair after several attempts may be called “”lemons.”” Owners of these vehicles might be able to verify for assistance under state Lemon Laws.

Any vehicle can be a lemon, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, R.V.s, boats, motorcycles, and others. Leased and used cars can also be qualified under the Lemon Laws, depending on every state’s regulations.

Is There A Lemon Law In California For Used Cars?

A rough estimate of about one percent of new cars sold in the U.S. every year, or around 150,000 vehicles, turn out to be lemons. Every state in the United States has a Lemon Law to protect buyers who purchase lemon vehicles.

If the defect is proven to be a life-threatening or dangerous malfunction, then the only thing required would be to take your vehicle to the dealership twice to qualify under the Lemon Law in California.

What Can I Do If I Have A Lemon?

To apply for a vehicle reimbursement or replacement under Lemon Law, it is necessary to record all your receipts and documentation concerning the repairs that have been performed on your vehicle. This documentation must include the dates and details of these repairs. 

Damage From A Car Accident Does Not Fall Under State Lemon Laws

The Federal Trade Commission’s Commission’s Used Car Rule asks dealers who list five or more cars annually to offer a guide for potential buyers that describe the types of repairs that are covered under warranty, as well as the kinds of issues that buyers of used cars may run into.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a federal law often known as the Federal Lemon Law. It provides several protections on consumer products and governs warranties; it also offers legal recourse for buyers who purchased a vehicle that keeps failing to live up to its expected and guaranteed performance and quality standards.

It may also provide protections for used cars.

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If you have bought or leased a defective vehicle that is still under warranty and is still not fixed after several attempts, you may qualify for help under your state’s lemon law.

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