How Lemon Law Buybacks Work In San Diego

How Lemon Law Buybacks Work In San Diego

Unbeknownst to them, any customer who purchases a brand-new car from a dealership is taking a chance. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans unwittingly buy a “lemon” vehicle; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 150,000 cars are purchased each year unknowingly with multiple, unrepairable defects. These faulty cars, dubbed “lemons,” can cost thousands of dollars in maintenance costs, missed income from being unable to operate, alternative transportation costs, towing fees, and other costs.

A buyback is one option open to customers in the United States. A buyback or repurchase is when a car dealer wants to refund you the money you spent on your defective vehicle. Buyback is one of the quickest ways to get reimbursed since they simply cut you a check for the car’s total price, plus sales taxes, title registration, and other fees. 

Most state laws also require the manufacturer to reimburse you for incidental expenses. Such as rental car fees, towing costs, phone or mail contacts made while calling the dealership or manufacturer, personal property loss, and attorney’s fees incurred from the vehicle’s defects.

New vehicles, including cars, trucks, bikes, buses, motor homes, all-terrain vehicles, and neighborhood electric vehicles, are covered by California’s lemon law. Before a car is called a lemon and therefore eligible for lemon law coverage in California, consumers must prove that it passes at least one of three measures.

Hiring a lemon law attorney should be the first step toward getting back on track. Lemon law attorneys are familiar with the complexities of state and federal warranty law. They will advise you about whether repurchase, replacement, or an out-of-court settlement is the right choice for you. Throughout the claims process, the attorney will work closely with you, keeping you informed of new developments and seeking more information.

Before filing a breach of warranty lawsuit with the state, California, like many other jurisdictions, requires customers seeking lemon law relief to first go through an “informal dispute resolution process,” also known as arbitration. Even though the manufacturer will almost often help a client locate and pay for an attorney during the arbitration process, California does not mandate the manufacturer to help a client find or pay for an attorney during the arbitration process.

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