Lemon Law 101

Lemon Law Attorney San DiegoThe Lemon Law is based on the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975, which are the United States’ federal laws and are the basis for all the state laws. When the producers or manufacturers fail to stand for their products, the clienteles have to rely on the Magnuson-Mass Warranty Act for the lawful tools required for fair compensation. Residents of San Diego will need San Diego Lemon Law Lawyers for filing a claim.

Every state of the United States gives protection regarding the faulty vehicles that use Lemon Laws. These laws differ from state to state, but the fundamentals are the same: giving their customers the legal tools required to get the reward or compensation for their automobile or vehicle. In this blog, we will discuss the Lemon Law San Diego.

A lemon car has a considerable fault protected by both the guarantee and warranty and not repairable after a rational number of reparations try. Lemon law is usually applied to the new or certified pre-owned cars; however, in some states,’ the lemon laws tend to cover the used or secondhand vehicles. In those states, the Lemon Laws apply to the lower-range automobiles bought in that same state or even automobiles that protect the original warranty or guarantee given at the purchase time. 

The lemon law protects San Diego customers who buy cars in the state. This law protects individuals who unintentionally purchase already defective and malfunctioning vehicles. Thus, this law has its requirements, the major one stating that a car must meet a particular milestone before the law can be applicable.

It is essential to understand that this law works through a series of legal steps. It will not cover any problems caused due to the negligence of the owner, any unauthorized change in parts, and adding components that are not installed by the factory. In simple terms, if the problem is caused by any of the aftermarket items you installed in your car, then your vehicle is not eligible to be lemon. 

This law covers only severe defects in your car. As explained by the lemon law, the severe defects are problems that damage the vehicle’s use or market value. This also counts any defects that pose a threat to safely using your car. An example of safety can be the brakes not working properly or the car accelerator not working correctly. 

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