Leased Vehicles in California- Does the Lemon Law Apply?

San Diego Lemon Law

One of the widely and most commonly asked questions is whether the vehicles owned are your own or leased. You must then be thinking that the California lemon law does not apply to the rent or used cars. But that is not true. The lemon law lawyers at Scott Law Group P.C. tend to hear more often from the leased car owners. A lemon law advocate can help you when the automobile is still under warranty. For Lemon Law Help San Diego, you can contact us to get the best attorney in town. The automobile’s guarantee period is the key while defining the possible lawful protection.

 The Lemon Law applies to new or sampled automobiles, motor homes, boats, etc. Also, to consumer goods like computers, spas, home appliances, televisions, laptops. For California or San Diego, the vehicles bought or rented out there are intended to be used on the public roads. For business or corporate purposes, the cars that can be used are five or less, not more. Also, the vehicle should have a total weight of 10,000 pounds or less. 

 Some of these laws in the states allow the clients or consumers to be reimbursed or rewarded if the automobile used is a lemon. You will need proof of the auto or car if they have the stated defects or problems with the claim. Along with that, you will need evidence of the documents of the vehicles or automobiles in question. The service or mechanic receipts should also be written and kept as proof for the trails and courts. 

 If the vehicle bought is under warranty and is continuously taken to the repair shop for repairs and still fails to meet its functions’ expectations, there is a high chance of the automobile or car being a lemon.

 So, it is essential to keep in mind that the used automobile can come under the Lemon Law category only if it was bought with a written warranty. That also varies from state to state. A secondhand vehicle is vented in many situations while it is still covered under the original producer’s guarantee or warranty from the seller. If this is the circumstance, then a secondhand car most probably will be eligible under the Lemon Law. Many secondary car customers are not aware of the fact that they have lemon law rights. The laws are complicated, and you will have to be quick in getting a claim if you want the reward or compensation.

 If you have a lemon car and need help with the next step, reach out to us Scott Law Group P.C., and we will guide you on everything you need. Call us now at (619) 345-5599 to receive professional consultation regarding Lemon Law Help San Diego.