Lawyers And The Lemon Law In San Diego: How Car Recalls Could Affect Legal Claims

Lawyers And The Lemon Law In San Diego

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made it its mission to improve the safety of highways across the United States by accepting consumer complaints and addressing potential car recalls. They encourage consumers and lawyers to contact them with any and all concerns or complaints about possible vehicle defects that could cause a safety hazard on America’s streets. 

But some consumers may not know how those safety bulletins and car recalls can affect a legal claim under the lemon law. Consulting with an experienced lawyer who has litigated many lawsuits filed under the lemon law is recommended if you have questions about whether your case could benefit from a recall defence if your lawsuit claims are focusing on faulty vehicle design.

If you feel that your new-used automobile purchase was defective, but you don’t know what to do about it, the lawyers at Scott Law Group P.C. can answer all of your questions. The lemon attorneys in our law firm have handled many cases involving serious car defects and have defended clients against claims filed under the lemon law. Reach out to us today for a free legal consultation by calling (619) 345-5599 — we offer initial consultations with no obligation.

What Defines A Lemon?

In the automotive industry, a lemon is defined as a vehicle that has multiple defects over the course of its warranty period. Under federal law, and in many states, if your automobile experiences three different repairs for the same defect but your dealer refuses to replace it or give you relief from your car payments, then you have grounds to file a lawsuit under the lemon law. 

However, the first step in suing for damages is always for consumers to report any possible issues with their automobiles directly to manufacturers so they can take appropriate action. You should keep detailed records of each time you experience an issue with your vehicle — from minor problems like bad paint jobs or faulty brake lights to more significant issues such as engine malfunctions and defective suspension components.

All car dealers are legally required to provide you with a vehicle that is free from defects and safe to drive when sold. The dealer should disclose any existing problems or malfunctions in the vehicle’s history during negotiations before they finalize your purchase of the automobile, if only so you can put it into proper perspective. 

If there were no known issues with the car at the time of sale, then after having paid for the vehicle, you have rights under Federal Trade Commission regulations — even if you didn’t explicitly state these rights in writing or sign anything stating such an understanding between yourself and the dealership.

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