Is It Expensive Hire A Lemon Law Attorney in San Diego?

How expensive is it to hire a lemon law attorney

Understanding that the vehicle you have just purchased is a lemon puts one in a difficult place.

There will be intense discussions between the purchaser and the seller. In most cases, a professional attorney will be required to present the consumer’s requirements and needs.

Unluckily, several people try their best to pick up the lawsuit by themselves, without any legal action, even if the buyer is not much helpful. They prefer to do it this way, believing that hiring an attorney is a waste of money.

The question is, how much does it cost to hire a lemon law lawyer? Please read our article to discover more information about lemon law lawyers in San Diego.

One of the reasons people hesitate to employ a lemon law lawyer is the fee that the lawyer requires. The thought that they might have to pay a lot of money to a lawyer or a certain percentage of the money to be recovered will be handed over to the lawyer. This makes numerous people have second thoughts in demanding their rights through a lawyer.

If you too think this way, you’re now informed that it’s a false misconception. The Lemon Law on every State undeniably says that the producer must pay for the lawyer, not the consumer.

Therefore, there is no need for you to think that you can’t afford an attorney. Moreover, the law states that the lawyer’s fee will be paid by the producers, either if you prove to be victorious or be defeated in the lawsuit.

Concluding that there is no way you could lose your money. The majority of the Lemon Law attorneys work on a ‘fee shifting’ routine, which means that the lawyer will hand over their bill to the producer. If, in any case, the producer declines to pay, then the Attorneys will demand the Court to use the Lemon Law and force the car producer to pay the amount.

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