Increasing The Lemon Law Odds In San Diego: The 17 Worst Motor Vehicles On The Market

Increasing The Lemon Law Odds In San Diego

With so many manufacturers producing different styles of motor vehicles, today’s consumers have their pick of colours, designs, and more. But, because of the many options, consumers may be sidetracked by the appearance of their car and fail to consider its performance capabilities, safety concerns, or the stability of its structure.

Tops on the list: Chevy Cruz – Chevrolet’s miniature version of its popular sub-compact Spark also ranks number 1 in lemon law issues.

Second place: Suzuki SX4 – This car was the lowest-rated in performance and once again received a 10 in overall Q score, along with a 1 for fuel-efficiency.

Next up: Dodge Avenger – The Avenger is ranked in third place because it received service problems that made it unsafe to drive and had low scores across all categories except for features (3/10), which were still considered poor.

Fourth spot: Ford F-150 – This vehicle didn’t receive higher than 3 in any category because of excessive repair issues. The worst criticism this truck received was due to electrical system failures and transmission problems.

Fifth position: Jeep Liberty CRD – Jeep has received a number of complaints about this particular model.

Sixth place: Nissan Frontier – Once again, Nissan is listed as one of the worst vehicles to purchase due to its poor quality.

Seventh spot: Dodge Avenger R/T – This vehicle received similar scores overall to the previous Avenger mentioned (6 total). However, it had higher rankings in fuel economy and safety, so it placed higher on the list.

Eighth position: Toyota Tacoma – While the quality of this vehicle was never in question (its Q score ranked 7), there were a number of complaints made about its issues with corrosion and paint.

Tenth spot: Cadillac Escalade EXT – The only thing more glaring than these cars is their problems. While they do have a high fuel efficiency (8/10), these vehicles received low scores in all other categories.

Eleventh position: Chevrolet Silverado HD – There were numerous issues with this vehicle, from excessive engine problems to transmission issues.

Twelfth place: Cadillac CTS – This car has been ranked poorly by consumers due to electrical system defects and air conditioning malfunctions.

Thirteenth spot: Jeep Commander – This SUV scored an overall 10 out of 100 for its poor quality ranking. In fact, the only category it placed higher than a 3 was features (4/10).

Fourteenth spot: Dodge Caravan – While this van is rated highly for performance, features, and reliability, it still received an overall low score of 9 due to problems with the electrical system and air conditioning.

Fifteenth position: Ford Crown Victoria – This car didn’t receive higher than a 3 in any category because of excessive transmission issues and average fuel economy.

Sixteenth place: Dodge Dakota – The Dakota is the lowest scoring vehicle on this list.

Seventeenth spot: GMC Acadia – This crossover SUV has been branded by consumers as overpriced, underpowered, and unreliable.


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