Some owners report that their Hyundai Tucson or Sonata will not accelerate from a stop. They attempt to accelerate by pressing the gas pedal and the engine just revs. The car remains unresponsive. After several attempts to restart, the car suddenly works. These owners have taken their Tucson or Sonata to the dealership. The dealership often reports they cannot duplicate the problem.


No acceleration from a stop is a known problem. Hyundai issued technical service bulletins to address DTCs (diagnostic trouble code) P0717, P0721 & P0722 pertaining to the automatic transmissions in Tucson and Sonata cars.

If you own a Hyundai Tucson or Sonata that will not accelerate from a stop call me. Even if the dealership tells you it cannot duplicate the concern or there is no problem with your car, I may help you.  (619) 345-5599.