How Should A Lemon Law Claim Be Handled In San Diego?

How Should A Lemon Law Claim Be Handled?

You’ve bought the automobile or vehicle, but it doesn’t work despite your best efforts and multiple tries to have it repaired. It’s possible that you have a lemon. State lemon laws compel automakers to either replace the defective vehicle or reimburse you, but you’ll need to make a claim. 

  1. Determine Whether The California Lemon Law Applies To Your Vehicle 

Automobiles, pick-up trucks, vans, SUVs, and even specific parts of motor homes are covered by the California Lemon Law. The manufacturer’s warranty also covers new cars if a used car is still protected by it. Vehicles may be rented or purchased under specific circumstances and used for either private or business needs. The Lemon Law does not apply to vehicles such as off-road vehicles that are not registered in accordance with the California Vehicle Code, used cars that have not undergone repairs for problems covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, or vehicles that have been mistreated by the owner. 

  1. Determine If The Problem With Your Car Falls Under The California Lemon Law

The problem must be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty on the item. 

Abuse cannot be the cause of the problem, and it must reduce the vehicle’s utility, worth, or safety. 

  1. Get Documents

Before attempting to have your car fixed, make sure you have complied with all legal requirements. 


How Do I File A Claim Under the California Lemon Law? 

  • For repairs, take your car to the dealership. 
  • Your dealer repair orders should arrive. 
  • Provide “a Reasonable Number of Efforts” for the dealer to address the issue. 
  • The auto warranty does not have to be current, and you should employ a qualified lemon lawyer. Assemble all relevant papers. 

How Can An Automobile Comply With California’s Lemon Law Standards? 

The California Lemon Law applies to vehicles that have defects that the car dealer has not made an effort to correct “within a reasonable number of efforts.” Consumers must offer the manufacturer one final opportunity to resolve the issue if they intend to make use of the Lemon Law. 

How Are Class Actions Handled Under The California Lemon Law? 

The California Lemon Law (Civ. Code, 1793.2 et seq.) protects your rights when a “reasonable” number of attempts to rectify a defective car have been made, but they have failed. The Lemon Law applies to the majority of new cars purchased or leased in California that are still protected by a manufacturer’s new-vehicle warranty. 

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