Ford Diesel Truck Emission Scandal Heats Up In San Diego

Ford Diesel Truck Emission Scandal Heats Up In San Diego


Ford Motor Company has started the recent discovery of an internal document showing that Ford had, for years, deceived customers about the level of diesel emissions in their vehicles. The memorandum was dated December 2005 and concerns testing on various vehicle models worldwide. One section of the memo reads: “…vehicles with Duratorq Diesel-engines which are to be tested on duty cycle or charge depleting duty cycle..”

Numerous complaints have been lodged against Ford regarding the matter, with one frustrated owner writing online, “I thought I was doing my part by getting this car.”

Falsifying Fuel Economy Data 

The scandal is just the latest in a growing line of emissions-related fiascos that have rocked the automotive industry in recent years. Volkswagen was caught selling “clean” diesel vehicles that were not clean but were, in fact, significantly worse for the environment. Mitsubishi was recently caught falsifying fuel economy data on their vehicles, and Hyundai and Kia were also found to have been overstating fuel economy numbers.

Ford has stated that it is fully cooperating with the EPA in their investigation and that they take these allegations seriously. The company also says it intends to be “fully transparent” with customers affected by this issue. It is unclear at this time what consequences Ford may face as a result of this revelation.

This latest emissions scandal is sure to cause even more distrust among consumers regarding the claims made by automotive manufacturers about their vehicles. Many people are now likely to be skeptical of any environmental claims made by car companies until those companies can prove that they can be trusted. This is likely to be a major issue for Ford in the coming months and years, as the company tries to rebuild itself in the wake of this scandal.

It remains to be seen what kind of repercussions Ford will face as a result of this latest discovery. It is possible that they could face fines from government regulators or even lawsuits from consumers who feel they were misled. Whatever happens, it is clear that this scandal should warn all consumers that the automakers are not always telling us the truth about their products. It is up to the consumer to educate themselves and purchase a vehicle that truly gives them the best bang for their buck.


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