How To Find The Right Attorney For Your Lemon Law Case In San Diego

How To Find The Right Attorney For Your Lemon Law Case In San Diego

Every consumer is subject to the requirements of the Lemon Law in California and under federal law. The Tanner Protection Act of California grants residents the right to replacement in addition to the ability to seek reimbursement. So, if your vehicle does cause you issues, you have legal remedies available. One option is to speak with a lawyer who specializes in lemon law. Even though many may assert that they are one, you should look for the following characteristics before settling on one: 

Only experience can make up for the fact that there is no direct certification available for specific subfields of law. If your vehicle is not part of a recall or if you have had problems with a dealership, you should ask any attorney you consult about their specific track record with defective vehicles. This is especially important if your vehicle is not part of a recall. 

Success – In addition to actually battling manufacturers to get you a replacement vehicle or refund if you want a different car, you want to know that your legal representation has actually had success with obtaining a remedy so that you actually get the best possible result. This goes beyond simply fighting manufacturers to get you a replacement vehicle. 

Personal Context – You’ve already had to deal with a number of repairs on your vehicle, and as a result, you’ve lost the ability to get to the places you need to go. That can be very stressful, particularly if you’re having trouble getting yourself or your children to school or if you’re late for work. Find a lawyer whose approach is compatible with your requirements in addition to finding one who has relevant experience.

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