Does the Lemon Law Apply to a Used Vehicle?

California Lemon Law

Often the used cars or secondhand car users find out that the car they bought is faulty or defective. So, the question here is whether the Lemon Laws are applicable or if they protect the vehicle or cars? So, the answer is that it depends and varies from state to state. Each state has its own different specified Lemon Law. The Lemon Law Help San Diego at Scott Law Group P.C. will help you in finding any relevant details related to the Lemon Law.

Some of these laws in the states allow the clients or consumers to be remunerated or rewarded if the automobile used is a lemon. With the claim you will need proof of the automobile or car if they have the stated defects or problems. Along with that you will need the proof of the documents of the cars or automobiles in question. The service or mechanic receipts should also be in written and kept as a proof for the trails and courts. 

If the vehicle bought is under a warranty and is continuously taken to the repair shop for repairs and still fails to meet the expectations in terms of its functions, then there is a high chance of the automobile or car being lemon.

So, it is essential to keep in mind that the used automobile can come under the category of the Lemon Law only if it was bought with a written warranty. That also varies from state to state. In many situations, a secondhand vehicle is vended while it is still covered under the original producer’s guarantee or warranty from the seller.  If this is the circumstance; then a secondhand car most probably will be eligible under the Lemon Law.

Many secondhand car customers are not aware of the fact that they have lemon law rights. The laws are complicated, and you will have to be quick in getting a claim if you want the reward or recompense.  A Lemon Law advocate can help you and offer the direction and amenities to receive reasonable recompense from the automobile producer or car dealer.  Lemon Law counsels can also aid to prove that the automobiles problems existed even before you bought it.

If you know anyone who has bought or rented out a defected vehicle or any other consumer good and the manufacturer of it or the seller is not ready to listen to repair or refund then you should contact the Lemon Law Help San Diego who will assess your situation and provide you with  detailed evaluation of your case and claim. Don’t get disheartened at any stage and make sure to get your consumer rights through the San Diego lemon law. You can contact us for your claims at (619) 345-5599, Scott Law Group P.C. will help you out at any cost!