Details Regarding The Lemon Law In California

Details Regarding The Lemon Law In California

Lemon law and the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act are two laws that can assist car owners who believe their vehicle may have been flawed and are seeking legal recourse. California is the leader in consumer protection litigation across the country. 

Act On The Song-Beverly 

The statute that was passed in 1970 allows for a presumption that a vehicle is considered to be a “lemon” if, after 18,000 miles of ownership or a year and a half of ownership, even if the current owner was not the original owner: 

1) Two repairs have been made, but none of them have been successful in repairing a life-threatening flaw;

 2) Four repairs have been made on any part that is covered by the warranty. 

3) The driver has not been able to use the vehicle for the past thirty days, although this need not have occurred consecutively. 

Although it is still the consumer’s responsibility to notify the manufacturer, the cost of doing so is typically covered when the consumer has the repair work done at the dealership. 

Which Problems Might Come About 

Your automobile, pickup truck, or sport utility vehicle’s manufacturer has the right to contest the “lemon” label by arguing that the problems are relatively minor or do not significantly affect the vehicle’s value. In addition, the majority of manufacturers are participants in the arbitration program that is certified by the Department of Consumer Affairs. 

Although they are not state employees, arbitrators are required to adhere to certain rules. Before you can pursue legal remedies, you are required to take part in an arbitration hearing; however, if the decision of the arbitrator seems reasonable to you, you are free to accept it.

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