Does The Lemon Law Calculate A Deduction For Vehicle Use Or Aftermarket Car Parts In San Diego?

Does The Lemon Law Calculate A Deduction For Vehicle Use Or Aftermarket Car Parts In San Diego?

Consumer protection is a term that often arises in arguments concerning litigation, insurance, bankruptcy, and taxation. Consumer protection laws are generally intended to protect consumer interests by limiting certain types of activities engaged in by companies who sell goods or services to consumers. Many states have enacted specific statutes known as the “Lemon Law,” which allow for legal remedies against manufacturers of defective vehicles. 

The Lemon Law was originally passed after World War II because returning soldiers were finding it impossible to purchase replacement parts for their war-time vehicles due to the fact that these same manufacturers had begun building new, more advanced models with different parts.

Multiple Failed Attempts

A lemon law case usually involves a vehicle purchaser who has dealt with multiple failed attempts to fix defects covered under warranty before deciding to seek redress. Because many vehicle warranties are transferable, the purchaser or lessee of a lemon law car may sell it at a reduced price to another consumer. Most states have laws that allow for the original owner of a lemon law vehicle to receive compensation based on mileage driven prior to completing the first repair attempt if they choose to sell their vehicle.

Lemon Law cases are often brought against auto manufacturers, but not all companies that provide goods or services are held liable under these laws. There are requirements that must be met in order for an action filed under California’s Lemon Law statutes to successfully complete. 

Contact Experienced Law Attorneys

If you believe you have purchased a defective automobile, contact experienced lemon law attorneys as soon as possible after your purchase date in order to avoid any statute of limitations problems. If you have purchased a lemon car and need to find a lawyer, consider an experienced local lemon law attorney or visit our section on finding a good lemon law lawyer.

If you believe that you have been sold a defective vehicle due to the failure of one or more aftermarket car parts that were not covered under warranty, your case may be covered under consumer protection statutes in some states. California’s Lemon Law does not specifically address aftermarket auto parts. However, in several other states such as Florida and Texas, courts and various regulatory bodies have held that lawsuits may be brought against manufacturers who sell defective replacement car parts.

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