How Important Is A Warranty When Deciding To Buy Or Lease A Vehicle In San Diego?

How Important Is A Warranty When Deciding To Buy Or Lease A Vehicle In San Diego?

A manufacturer’s warranty seems priceless when buying or leasing a new car, as it guarantees the consumer that if anything should go wrong with the vehicle, they will fix it.

However, some experts feel that extended warranties and service plans are actually more important than the warranty that comes with your purchase. If you plan to keep your car for several years and maintain good care of it, you may not need an extra warranty to protect yourself after your original one expires. If you would rather trade in your car before then (contrary to popular opinion), then taking out an extra warranty might be a wise choice.

A Manufacturer’s Representative

A dealership or manufacturer’s representative may convince customers to purchase what is called “aftermarket” warranties – meaning those purchased from another company, like an auto club or warranty company, instead of the dealer. They will often point out that the manufacturer’s warranty is already included in the price of your vehicle, and therefore it is unnecessary to pay for something you are already receiving. However, this argument does not hold much water since manufacturers’ warranties only provide protection for a certain number of years (or miles), typically 3 to 5 years/60,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the brand.

If you purchase the car with cash or finance it through your own financial institution, then you may still want to consider purchasing aftermarket coverage just in case your loan defaults or your lending institution goes bankrupt. There have been cases when banks no longer exist after they repossess cars from defaulting loaners, leaving them without a way to get their cars fixed after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Another good reason to buy an extended warranty is that some manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover wear and tear items like brakes, tires, hoses, or batteries. However, it is important to note that not all of these expenses are preventable. Some people make the mistake of replacing these items more often than they need to be (though you should always maintain them properly). 

Also, some states require vehicle owners to provide proof of regular oil changes; if you cannot provide receipts proving this maintenance was performed every 3,000 miles/six months (the typical recommendation), then your warranty company may not cover engine problems either.

Warranty companies usually won’t cover regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations; they only provide coverage for unexpected repairs. If you are one to follow these guidelines, then an added warranty might not be necessary.

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