New Car Warranty: How Long Is Too Long To Wait Before Contacting A Lemon Law Attorney In San Diego?

How Long Is Too Long To Wait Before Contacting A Lemon Law Attorney In San Diego?

Car owners must be aware that not all states have a lemon law, and even when they do, each state has its own version of what constitutes a good faith attempt to repair the defects. In addition, some automotive manufacturers require consumers to contact them directly prior to contacting an attorney with their car lemon law claims.

When one purchases or leases a new vehicle under consumer protection laws set forth by the Federal Trade Commission, it is important for consumers to know how long they have before they can no longer pursue legal action on their own without having been contacted by the manufacturer first. Consumer protection laws in place are designed to ensure that all rights provided through federally mandated warranties are honored by dealerships and/or manufacturers across the United States.

The time limit involved in pursuing legal action can be confusing and is often dependent on several factors, such as:

  • The number of repair attempts made by the dealer or manufacturer in an attempt to correct the issue(s).
  • The amount of time it took for the dealership or manufacturer to make each repair attempt (in some states, two weeks per visit is considered a justifiable timeframe within which to make repairs).
  • Whether or not certain components were replaced during said attempted repairs that may have affected other parts of the vehicle (such as tires, battery, etc.) that ultimately contributed to the failure of other components that were replaced previously.

Drafting A Solid Case

The last thing you need is for your lemon law legal firm to overlook these crucial facts when drafting a solid case against your car brand. You want an attorney that will not only take the time to find out all the facts but one that is also willing to go up against a well-known car manufacturer in court if they’ve wronged you and your vehicle has been determined to be considered a lemon under state law.

There are 5 of 12 potential warning signs that could hint at the possibility of getting stuck with a car on which repairs have failed dozens or even hundreds of times:

  • The consumer was informed shortly after purchasing their new vehicle that it had electrical problems; this includes excessive battery drain.
  • When brought into the dealership for its first checkup/inspection, errors were found in the ethernet port or Bluetooth system.
  • The radiator and/or air conditioning unit have failed to work (consistently or at all) within the first year of ownership.
  • The vehicle has experienced repeated headlight burnout.

Defective vehicles that fall into any one of these categories should not be ignored by those with a vested interest in the automaker’s success – both dealerships and consumers alike.

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