Are Consumers Actually Entitled To More Money Under The Lemon Law In San Diego?

Are Consumers Actually Entitled To More Money Under The Lemon Law?

In most cases, purchasing or leasing a new car is usually associated with excitement and the thought of having a reliable source of transportation. However, occasionally consumers experience problems with their vehicles within a short period of time after purchase. In most circumstances, it is up to the dealership service department to handle these problems, but out-of-warranty repairs can be expensive for dealerships as well as costly for consumers. 

For this reason, the California Lemon Law offers protection for consumers who buy or lease a defective car within the state of California and that purchased or leased the vehicle with the manufacturer’s express written warranty. What many buyers may not be aware of is that they could potentially be entitled to more money under this section of the law. 

Lemon Law Takes Action 

The lemon law requires manufacturers of defective vehicles to take certain actions once they become aware that the consumer is experiencing some issues with their vehicle. Should the manufacturer not comply, there is a potential for more remedies than just returning the car and receiving a refund.

The term “Lemon” in its most basic form pertains to an object or thing which has persistent problems or defects rendering it unsuitable for use. By definition, the California lemon law does not limit itself to one particular type of defect; rather, any serious defect that impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle may warrant making a report under this section of law. 

California Lemon Law

There are three categories under which each Lemon Law firm will identify either themselves as dedicated solely to representing consumers who have bought lemons or to representing car dealerships who are experiencing problems with their inventory. According to California Lemon Law, nearly every make and model of the automobile on the road today has been involved in at least one lemon law case.

The California lemon law provides for a mediation process that can be used as an alternative to litigation if both parties agree to participate. Before you sign anything, it is important that you consult with a qualified lemon law attorney who will protect your rights under this section of the state’s consumer protection laws. 

If the manufacturer does not offer you a refund after being notified of their obligation under this section of the state’s Consumer Protection Laws, speak with an experienced California Lemon Lawyer about filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer or dealership. More information can be found here: California Lemon Law.

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