3 Common Challenges In The California Lemon Law Process

3 Common Challenges In The California Lemon Law Process

If you’ve been through the California lemon law process, then you know it’s not all sugar and spice. There are plenty of challenges that can arise along the way. Here are three common ones that you need to know about:

Challenge #1 – The Car Isn’t Showing Enough Defects

This usually happens when your car is still under warranty. Your manufacturer may claim there aren’t enough problems with your vehicle for them to do a full buyback or replacement. It may even try to “fix” your vehicle again, but the repairs won’t work this time around either. You’ll want to make sure you have an experienced lemon law attorney who knows how to get manufacturers to admit they’re wrong in these kinds of cases.  

In some cases, manufacturers may even try to convince you that most of the problems with your car aren’t covered under California lemon law. And for a long time, they were right about this. The state’s lemon law was written in such a way that many types of problems weren’t covered until a few years ago. 

For instance, in the past, it was only defects related to emissions equipment and/or engine performance that could qualify. So if your vehicle had an oil leak or regular tune-ups were necessary, you couldn’t get it fixed under California’s lemon law. But recent revisions have expanded what qualifies under lemon law for cars purchased after 2003!

Challenge #2 – You Didn’t File Your Paperwork On Time

Some of the most common reasons for rejecting California lemon law claims are due to paperwork issues. For instance, you need to provide your manufacturer with written notice of the problems you’ve been having within 18 months of their first discovery (or within 15 days if the problem was ongoing). You also need to file your lawsuit within nine months after that.

Challenge #3 – You’re Not Getting What You Deserve Under The Lemon Law

It’s possible that someone might be pressuring you into accepting an inadequate settlement offer from the manufacturer because they don’t want the negative attention drawn by a lengthy trial. 

It’s also possible that some unscrupulous attorneys will take your case and then fail to represent it properly in the court. This may be done out of laziness or because the attorney knows they can’t win. But it should be clear to anyone that taking your case only to run out the clock on the statute of limitations is unacceptable.  

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