Chevy Bolt Battery Replacements Are Slow In San Diego

Chevy Bolt Battery Replacements Are Slow In San Diego

General Motors feels that by replacing the complete battery system on the Chevy Bolts, they have finally put an end to the issue. While the replacement batteries are beginning to make their way into Chevy dealerships and automobiles, there is a large waitlist and limited supplies at the dealerships.

 Due to the physical difficulties in replacing the batteries, one dealership we spoke with recently warned us that the process is slow, with just one or two automobiles being produced per day. The replacement of batteries in all Bolts will take several months at this rate.

Meanwhile, GM has offered repurchases to many Bolt owners, but they haven’t provided consumers with time dates or logistics. While promises are made, no action is taken. And while a lawsuit against GM is pending, customers are still unsure how to protect themselves from deadly flames or even where to park their Bolt safely.

We now have a client whose Bolt caught fire in the middle of the night, destroying the vehicle as well as other property. So we’ve seen firsthand how deadly these cars are and the devastation they can cause. Please respect all of GM’s warnings, especially against parking a Chevy Bolt in a confined space.

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