My Car Is A Lemon, What Can I Do In San Diego?

My Car Is A Lemon, What Can I Do In San Diego?

If your car is under warranty, it’s simple. Take it to the dealership for warranty repairs until the warranty expires. Then take it to another dealership if you have to – you usually don’t have a choice between dealerships on who makes the repair under warranty.

After that, unless your car is old enough that lemon laws apply in your state, there aren’t many options short of selling the car and finding another one. It will be difficult to get anything done with intermittent problems like this because you’ll need some kind of proof of what is happening when. 

Document Your Every Repair

Depending on how long ago you got rid of your extended warranty or service contract, this could make things more complicated – many are good for only days after expiration. If it has expired, your only option might be to take the car to a dealer for every little thing that goes wrong with it. Or you could just pay for repairs yourself after documenting everything.

If you bought the car privately and there is no warranty, you can still try taking it back to the previous owner if they will cooperate – but good luck getting them to reimburse you. You’ll also probably have more difficulty trying to get anything done through litigation or arbitration, especially if you made some kind of deal with them about fixing any problems before buying the vehicle or even signing over the title.

Know Your Rights

You might consider talking with an attorney in your area about what your rights are, whether it’s worth attempting something further, and how much time you have to do it. As we’ve mentioned many times before, these kinds of lawsuits can be very difficult and expensive to pursue.

You would need to get an attorney who is interested in taking your case, which may be difficult given the small amount of money that could potentially be involved.

If you do want to pursue the matter, your attorney will likely ask for an upfront fee; if he or she can’t get any money out of the other party (or their insurer), you might be asked to pay for some of his or her time. You would also need to provide documentation of everything that’s happened.

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