San Diego Lemon Law Attorney

San Diego Lemon Law Attorney

Did You Buy A Car That Doesn’t Work?

Have you had endless problems with your car, even after several repairs by the dealer or manufacturer? A common misconception is that if you purchased your vehicle used it can’t be covered under California lemon law. That is not true! We have helped thousands of satisfied clients with their lemon law claims and would love to help you too.

If you purchased your vehicle in San Diego County, give us a call for more information on how we may help you recover hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on these warrantied repairs or replacement costs. We also provide free consultations to consumers across Southern California who are unsure whether they qualify as well as those who believe their claim is time-barred from filing a lemon law claim.

So, if you have been having trouble with your car and it is still under warranty, contact an experienced San Diego lemon law attorney for free today to see if you qualify!

Main Categories Of Defects Under The Lemon Law:

The first category includes specific defects or problems that can be documented by the manufacturer within the first 18 months (24 months for used vehicles) after delivery of the new vehicle to the consumer which substantially impairs its use, value, or safety; The second category refers to any defect(s) that occur past the warranty period but before ownership of 3 years has passed; The third category applies when there is proof that three (3) attempts were made at repair during the first year (24 months for used vehicles) of ownership and the defect(s) re-occur at least once.

How Is A “Lemon” Defined In California?

A “lemon” is any new vehicle that has one or more problems or defects which significantly impair its use, value, or safety before the vehicle reaches 4 years old / 48,000 miles. This includes vehicles with problems related to engine or drivetrain performance, along with other problems affecting the use, value, and/or safety of the car.

The same goes for used cars! If you have a problem with an older vehicle after the warranty has expired, then you may qualify as having a lemon.

How Do I Know If My Car Is Covered Under California Lemon Law?

Certain specific defects occurring within the first 18 months / 24 months for used vehicles immediately following delivery of your new vehicle to you, such as faulty steering and suspension system, defective brakes or electrical system that impairs its use, value, or safety; Defects which occur past the warranty period but before ownership of 3 years has passed, such as faulty transmission/engine failure.

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