What Should You Do If You Believe Your Vehicle Is A Lemon In San Diego?

What Should You Do If You Believe Your Vehicle Is A Lemon In San Diego?

Recognize Your Legal Rights 

You put money aside to buy a car, only to discover it is unreliable. Your new or used vehicle remains unsafe for you and your family despite multiple attempts to repair it under the manufacturer’s or dealer’s warranty. It’s extremely aggravating not to have a vehicle you can rely on. California, fortunately, prohibits consumers from owning vehicles with unfixable problems. The California Lemon Law assists consumers in getting back on the road and makes manufacturers accountable for defective automobiles, which are referred to as lemons. 

When you have a significant impairment to the vehicle’s usage, value, or safety, you may be subject to the lemon legislation. Even a “fit and finish” issue might be considered a flaw, and your vehicle may be considered a lemon. If your car has had problems during the warranty term (or even if it is no longer under warranty), it is almost certainly a lemon. Used cars can also be classified as lemons. All you need are at least two repair attempts (unless two repair attempts are impossible due to the car being damaged or the manufacturer is unable to supply a feasible cure for the vehicle). 

Warranties: An Overview 

Manufacturer warranties are covered under California lemon laws. Manufacturer warranties on new cars are transferable when the car is sold to a new owner. These warranties usually cover a set period of time and mileage, such as three years and 36,000 miles. A basic (bumper-to-bumper) warranty and a longer drivetrain warranty are commonly included with new automobiles. 

A drivetrain warranty covers almost everything that keeps the car moving. The engine, transmission, drive axles, and driveshaft are all included. 

With the rising electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid market, warranty coverage is evolving. A typical electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid battery costs $5,000 on average. Federal emissions standards mandate that the batteries have a warranty of at least eight years or 100,000 miles, even if they are not covered by a basic warranty. 

If you buy a used car with a portion of the manufacturer’s guarantee still intact or a dealer warranty, and the defects fit one or more of the conditions given above, you may be covered by the lemon law. 

Consumers in California are protected by lemon laws from being trapped with a car that is unreliable and perhaps dangerous. When a car cannot be repaired after at least two attempts, call (619) 345-5599 or send us an email. 

Our legal team is well-versed in the complexities of lemon law disputes, and we aren’t hesitant to speak up for your rights. You’ve put in far too much effort and spent far too much money on a dependable automobile. Call Scott Law Group P.C.a if the manufacturer’s warranty fails to resolve the major issues that have you worried. 

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