Avoid Buying A Lemon Car in San Diego

Lemon Law Attorney San Diego,

People go for buying cars with an apprehension because there are so many risks involved in buying a new vehicle, especially if it is a second hand vehicle. Lemon Law Help San Diego is available if you have any apprehensions regarding buying a vehicle. Our consultations are free, and we can help you buy a lemon free car. 

The different things about which a person tends to get scared while buying a new vehicle is that if they end up buying a faulty vehicle, or if they get taken away, or if they get fooled and pay way more than the car’s worth or unwillingly and unintentionally they end up buying a lemon

Most of the buyers tend to think that the salesman will give them the best product and wont fool them and give them a good deal. But in order to avoid any sort of problems and mishaps, its better to do your research on the specific vehicle beforehand and then go for buying the vehicle. 


First understand the concept that the salesman will think about your best interest and give you the vehicle you desire. They are obviously concerned about themselves and their profits and margins. He will try to exploit you, but you need to be smart and have the required knowledge beforehand, even about the prices. you should go for the vehicle only if:

If it’s a used or second hand vehicle then check for the following: 

  • How long is the warranty for? 
  • What the warranty covers and what it doesn’t? 
  • What would happen if the automobile just stops working?
  • What if the master cylinder stops working?
  • The battery proves to be declining after two days
  • If all the tires go flat at the same duration?
  • Will the dealer or manufacturer help you?
  • Will they come get the vehicle?
  • What about a loan?

Before you purchase, get your facts straight on all these aspects and get them in writing to b on the safe side. In case you buy a second hand car then you need to know about the following:

  • Who was the owner of the car previously?
  • What issues did they have with the car or reasons of selling
  • Did they provide the relevant documents they said they made repairs of?
  • Let them know that that your mechanic will check out the vehicle beforehand

If the car salesman does not conjoin

  • Then go to someone else
  • Find a dealer that will see 
  • Look for a dealership who will let you know if your vehicle is a lemon within 30 days. 

If you are in possession of a lemon car and need help with the next step, reach out to Scott Law Group P.C. and we will guide you on everything you need. Call us now at (619) 345-5599 for Lemon Law Help San Diego to receive professional consultation.