The Lemon Law: When Auto Repair Shops Don’t Know How To Fix Multiple Car Defects In San Diego

Auto Repair Shops Don’t Know How To Fix Multiple Car Defects In San Diego

When quickly reading over the lemon law statutes, it appears that consumers are required to take their car in for multiple auto repair attempts to address each problem their car is experiencing. But, while taking your vehicle into the auto repair technician a few times could be necessary, that is not always the case, and consulting with an attorney experienced in handling these types of incidents may save consumers time and money.

The following highlights some issues you should know about before deciding if you have a legitimate claim (and what those claims are worth):

  1. The Lemon Law only applies to new cars covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Consumers who buy new or used vehicles may also purchase extended warranties from dealerships or third parties such as the manufacturer of the car (G.M., Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, etc.) or independent auto repair shops.
  2. The Lemon Law does not apply to cars with more than 30,000 miles on them. There are exceptions to this rule in some states if the owner can show that the defect is causing increased costs for repairs; most attorneys do not take these cases because they want to focus their law practice on vehicles within a specific age range and mileage level – typically between 2 and 7 years old with less than 60,000 miles.
  3. To qualify for lemon status under state laws (and potentially collect cash awards), consumers must be able to demonstrate that their vehicle had multiple attempts made to fix defects but still incurred after various repair attempts.

The question that most people have after finding out that the car they bought or leased is defective is: What can be done? After you contact an attorney and meet with him/her, he/she will likely examine your vehicle to assess whether it qualifies as a lemon under state law. To do this, the attorney needs to understand how many times you took your car for the repair of the same defect and whether those repairs ever fully corrected the problems (i.e., did the defects return?).

  1. It’s not uncommon for auto dealers to deny consumers’ claims in order to keep your business and make extra profits from you over time by charging you more than what it should cost to fix your car, so consumers should document all interactions with their dealer or dealership. Take notes about times of meetings and phone calls, names of people you spoke to, prices quoted for work performed (or not), etc.

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