3 Key Factors That Influence Your Ability To Win A Lemon Law Case In San Diego

3 Key Factors That Influence Your Ability To Win A Lemon Law Case In San Diego

Have you or someone that you know had issues with a car, truck, van, boat, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.? If so, then there is a chance that they have legal recourse under the California Lemon Law. Winning a lemon law case is not always straightforward. 

While your lemon law California attorney will be there to make sure you have your best foot forward, there are some things that are simply beyond their professional abilities.

This article will discuss three (3) key factors influencing your ability to win a lemon law case in California:            

1- Building Your Case

The initial step when preparing to build a case for lemon law in C.A. is the intake form. The intake form will be reviewed by your California lemon lawyer and their paralegal staff. They will determine whether or not there are enough facts present in order to justify a potential legal action against the manufacturer. If the answer is yes, then your attorney’s team will likely begin work on preparing all of the essential paperwork that may eventually end up against an automaker’s defense attorneys in court. In addition to the process, below are some significant items to keep in mind:

  • Try Not To Settle For Cash Offers from the Dealership or Manufacturer without Consulting Your Lemon Law Attorney.
  • Do All of Your Own Research Prior to Meeting With Your Attorney.

2- Vehicle’s Significance 

Your California Lemon Law Attorney will need to determine whether or not your vehicle was “Significant” or “Non- Significant.” This process can take some time if your attorney needs further information from you on the matter. 

A significant or non-significant designation will play a vital role in the amount of money that you receive in a settlement if your case is successful. The reason for this distinction is because California lemon law statutes are written to provide more financial benefit to consumers with “Significant” vehicles.

3- Chassis Number

Basically, a chassis number is the unique identification number that identifies your vehicle. It can be found on a large metal plate located under the hood, visible from the front of the car near the driver’s side strut tower. This is not to be confused with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which is another term for a 17 digit code affixed to your dashboard and often seen through your windshield or driver-side window. The VIN serves as an internationally standard form of identification that includes information about where and when your vehicle was made. 

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