A Lemon Car Can Outsmart You Only If You Let It

Lemon Law San Diego

A Lemon vehicle can outsmart you if you allow it, especially with the fast development of new models and specifications, you should be a smart buyer in terms of buying a new and used vehicle. If you want to buy a new used car or vehicle then you should know the details and specification of a lemon vehicle. For that, you can consult our Lemon Law Lawyers San Diego for a new used car. They will help you choose better and avoid vehicles that do not have a warranty or go on low miles or have wear and tear depreciation issues. 

Find the vehicle that best suits your needs according to the model and specs. But how will you know if the vehicle is good enough to buy? Here are some guidelines you can follow while choosing. 


The radiator is vividly labelled, all you have to do is to detach  the cap and see the fluid which I inside. 

  • The new cars usually tend to have red or green fluid or even if there is clear water that is a good sign.
  • But brown fluid shows that particles have been mixed in the coolant in order to seal some leak in the water pump or radiator .
  • It also indicates that the vehicle’s head gasket has been blown. 

Oil level

Try getting a proper reading of the oil levels by using an oil stick and dipping in the holder and repeat the process to get a proper reading. If you get a reading of the oil level below a quart or below normal, then that could mean that there is a leak in the valve which is not a big deal but requires a minor repair. If the oil levels are more than a quart then that refers to other leaks and also that the automobile is not well maintained. If the fluid has water and oil mixed, then that means that there is a head gasket which has been blown and is costly to repair.

Smell of the Oil   

 Its better to remove the cap and smell the oil as a strong burnt smell which shows the consistency with the engine when it has failed or has been running without oil for a long time. 

Belts on the Engine

 If the belts on the engine seem to be exhausted, broken, or damaged , then they need replacement. Look out for the extreme amount of oil in the engine which could lead to a leak.

Warm Up the Car  

Let the vehicle warm up before you take it for a test drive. Also check the temperature gauge which is inside the dash display right behind the steering. If the temperature is not normal then that could be a sign of bad thermostat, or fluid could have been lost from the hose, or maybe the radiator is blocked or even can mean that the head gasket has been blown up which cost approximately $1100 to fix. 

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