5 Signs You Have Bought A Lemon Car in San Diego!

Lemon Law Lawyer San Diego

Anyone who buys a car has the right under the state or federal law to claim the manufacturer. The law allows the consumer to get consumer rights for defected cars. It’s not a luxury for everyone, and for those for whom it is a necessity, they can’t afford such defects. The laws vary from state to state but are known as the Lemon Law countrywide. For Lemon Law San Diego, you can contact Scott Law Group P.C.

In this blog, we have talked about the five signs that will identify your car as a lemon. It is essential to spot and know the faults of your vehicle so that you can drive safely.

1. Pay attention to the steering
Pay special attention to the steering wheel while driving. You will need to steer the wheel frequently for the turns and directions. If the wheel is detected, it can significantly cost you in your life and monetary terms. So get the steering wheel particularly checked; otherwise, they are a good indicator of lemon.
2. Check the tires
The tires are also an indication of a lemon car. It would help if you saw how the tries have been affected and worn out. Check out the signs of the worn-out tires if they are on the sides of the middle. Steering, suspension, and break breakdowns are the cupped tired signs that have uneven lines spread out.
3. Check the tailpipe
The smoke your car wisps over the tailpipe can designate numerous problems. The air filter will be dirty if black smoke is ignited. Blue smoke shows that the oil is burning, which is even worse as that will require costly repairs. The smoke indicates a lemon vehicle too.
4. Check for recalls
Make sure to check for recalls before you buy a car. The producer delivers them if the model has factory defects. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists the official recalls. You can check them out on our website.
5. Repairing did not fix the problems
If you have gone through several repairs and the defects and faults still exist, then that means your vehicle is a lemon. The next step for you will be to contact a lemon law lawyer.

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