People need to study the law to avoid any misunderstanding. One particular regulation that has a lot of excessive myths associated with its name is the lemon law—which is regarding lemons or new cars. The law talks about the compensation of consumers when manufacturers produce a product that fails to meet industry standards. 

There is no surprise that there are a lot of revolving myths regarding lemon law. Like any other legislation, the myths stemmed from an attempt of an expert to explain the legislation in layman’s terms. Somehow along the way, people twisted it according to their understanding, which completely changed its meaning.

Here are five lemon law myths that you must stop believing now:

1) My car is no longer a lemon since I’ve waited too long or run it for countless miles 

If you think that a car needs to be 12 months old at most for authorities to consider it a lemon, you need to think again. In some states, like California, a four-year-old car is still a lemon. In some cases, the judiciary can categorize a nine-year-old with a 120,000 mileage if the lawyer reasons with a standard that the judge accepts.

If you don’t have a deeper understanding of the lemon law, it is wrong to assume that your car is no longer under the scope of the lemon law. It is best to consult with a lemon law attorney in San Diego if you’re still unsure if your car qualifies as such.

2) I can’t register claims because I do not have copies of repair documents

Repair documents help establish that there is something wrong with your lemon. However, if you think that you cannot file a claim if you didn’t have copies of your repair receipts, you’re mistaken. The dealership holds copies of receipts for years, so you can request a copy should the need arise. Problem solved!

3) Claiming a lemon law benefit is not worth it

A lot of car owners don’t file lemon law claims because they think that authorities make it hard for consumers to get approval. The truth is, your lemon law attorney in San Diego will do everything for you—aside from collecting your documents, of course, which is something you should personally do. You can expect the trial for the claim to be as quick as a few hours to as long as several weeks.

4) I sold or traded my lemon, so I can’t file a claim as a result

As long as you live in California, this will not be your problem. The law states that your lemon law rights do not end when you sell or trade your vehicle. As such, you can still file for a lemon law claim.


Customer service representatives will always give you the short end of the stick because they side with the company and not you. If they do follow with the lemon law, they’ll offer the bare minimum, which puts you in a disadvantageous spot for purchasing a defective item and getting crumbs as a form of apology. You can get as much as twice the initial offer of customer representatives if you hire a knowledgeable lawyer, which is more than enough to pay for their professional fees. 

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